Another Free Proto Course: Confidentiality Agreements

Another Free Proto Course: Confidentiality Agreements

June 22, 2018

Hot off the presses, another free Proto course: Confidentiality Agreements

We're thrilled with all the chatter our first Proto course (Running Useful Redlines) has produced so far, and we're hopeful folks will be as generous with their thoughts, creativity, and time in responding to this one. (And, if you haven't checked it out, please do check out the Redlines Proto course and leave your thoughts there too!)

This course on confidentiality agreements is by popular demand (don't worry—we're hard at work also building responses to several other common requests). Confidentiality agreements are ubiquitouscommonly encountered by attorneys early in their careers and business people in their regular course. And, so, we're hopeful this course ultimately will prove practical, useful, and quick training grounds for a wide audience.

And remember: Praktio Proto is a platform for Praktio to release early-stage versions of courses for the world to react to before we further develop them. These courses are intentionally incomplete. We want your reactions to one representative exercise before we build 10 to make sure we're building something practical, useful, and intuitive. And we want your take on our content before we produce fancy videos or other media; so, these Proto courses are more text heavy than they're likely to be later on. These courses allow you to leave your feedback easily: in comments on the right-hand column as you proceed through the modules.

Share the course widely and—pretty please—your feedback liberally.


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