Applying "Best Practices for Real (e)Learning" with Praktio (Part 2)

December 10, 2018

This is part two of a two-part blog series on science-based best practices for improving learning outcomes, including how Praktio implements them. You can visit part one here.

Picking up where we left off . . .

5. SPACED REPETITION Repeat practice spaced over time to maximize retention

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Putting space (or different instruction) in between repetitions of teaching (e.g., lecture, exercise) the same content increases retention (Will Thalheimer at and Will Thalheimer at
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Contract Fundamentals puts different instruction in between lessons and their application in exercises in the same module and also calls back to lessons in earlier modules through exercises in later modules (usually when there's some connection or potential confusion related to the present module's topic). Contract Fundamentals also has a final capstone module that pulls lessons from several earlier modules all together in a final series of exercises.
Precision Training teaches attention-to-detail for different categories of common errors, spacing out exercises from each category across the module. Our newest incarnation, Precision Training for Litigators, turns on reinforcing exercises as a learner demonstrates a need for additional practice on a specific type of error, spacing out the first reinforcing exercise a few exercises later and the second reinforcing exercise in a final set at the end of the module. (We'll be releasing a new version of the original Precision Training that takes a very similar approach.)

6. DELIBERATE PRACTICE Recurrent exercises with feedback and focus on needs

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A powerful way to build expertise is through ongoing exercises designed for your improvement, including by providing feedback after each exercise and instruction designed for particular demonstrated needs (Debunker Club at and Ericsson et al. at
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Praktio provides substantial feedback explaining why the "right" choices are better—and usually why the "wrong" choices are worse—after every exercise in all our courses.
In addition, Precision Training's adaptive learning features provides extra practice as a specific learner demonstrates a need for it.

7. FEEDBACK Information for improvement from trainers, peer, or task itself

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When learners receive timely, constructive, specific feedback, they're much more likely to learn from the training, sometimes substantially so (Will Thalheimer at and Salas et al. at
Tell me how Praktio does this... 
Praktio provides feedback after every single exercise in all of our courses. This feedback explains why the right answer is the right answer and usually why the wrong answer is the wrong answer.

8. SAFE ENVIRONMENT Learners practice in a learning/non-evaluative environment

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Learners are likely to learn more if training presents (and is described by the trainer or employer as presenting) an opportunity to make mistakes and if the learners are encouraged or incentivized to seek challenging training (Salas et al. at
Tell me how Praktio does this... 
Our tagline is "make mistakes" for a reason. Lawyers are too often terrified of making mistakes. This can cause lawyers to avoid stretch assignments and other learning opportunities and to adopt a "static"rather than a "growth"mindset. Of course, mistakes can be costly (to clients and to reputations) and so there's good reason for lawyers to seek to avoid them. That's where realistic training like Praktio can step in to provide "sandbox" opportunities, where there is no risk of incurring any of those costs and the only consequence to making a mistake is learning something new.
This is also why Praktio does not share any learner's specific performance "scores" with anyone, including their employer. It's our credible commitment to Praktio training presenting a learning environment (and not yet another space for ranking or otherwise evaluating).
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I hope these best practices inspire new ideas and confidence for offering practical education that works!

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