Introducing: Praktio Proto & A Free Prototype: 'Running Useful Redlines'

Introducing: Praktio Proto & A Free Prototype: 'Running Useful Redlines'

May 31, 2018

Praktio Proto is an experiment of experiments we're tossing around. It's a laboratory, a playground—a space where we'll share prototype products, half-baked ideas, and questions. We might share a few bad ideas, but we know sometimes it's the bad idea that leads to a . . . okay, fine, a few other not-great ones . . . before ultimately leading to a gem.

In that spirit, we're pulling back the curtain and welcoming a participatory design process. We want to build useful products that solve real problems for real people and organizations. We do that by including you as much as possible—as much as you're willing—in the process.

To kick things off, Praktio is exploring producing quick-hitting courses on specific, concrete skills and topic areas, especially where we or others in the field have seen confusion or opportunities to speed up proficiency.

Here's a free, brief training course prototype of what this might look like: Running Useful Redlines. Check it out! Please feel free to share it with someone who might benefit from taking it. 

We don't know what the business model for these mini-courses will be yet—perhaps a subscription to a library. But for now we're happy to make this available for free: hopefully it'll be helpful for someone now, and hopefully we'll get some great feedback that we can apply to this course and other potential similar ones.

We look forward to everyone's thoughts and feedback—indeed, you can leave your feedback right in the comments of this course (please do!).


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