Introducing: 'Precision Training: Transactional Edition' and a New Feature!

Introducing: 'Precision Training: Transactional Edition' and a New Feature!

February 04, 2019

We're excited for the launch of a long-awaited revamp of one of Praktio's original courses. Precision Training has become Precision Training: Transactional Edition, having now been fully rebuilt on the same model as Precision Training: Litigation Edition.

That means new, powerful adaptive learning, featuring reinforcing exercises served up throughout the course (a few exercises later and at the end) based on each learner's individual performance. This also means we wrote an additional bucket of exercises for this update—the original Precision Training didn't have a final bucket of exercises delivered at the end of the module based on the learner's demonstrated needs earlier in the module (we like to think of this final set as the final "boss battle"). This has been one of the features most commonly requested by users!

In addition, we have rolled out a new feature now live in both the Transactional Edition and the Litigation Edition of Precision Training: a diagnostic performance report presented to the learner at the end of the course breaking down their strengths and weaknesses for the different categories of issues encountered throughout the exercises. That looks like this:

This cumulative feedback allows the learner to leave this module with actionable knowledge of what to pay special attention to, in the documents they go on to encounter in their work.

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