Law Firm PD Portal

Law Firm PD Portal

March 05, 2019

You might've noticed a new home for law firm professional development in our top navigation bar.

In this portal, we've included information commonly discussed with law firm professional development, for example, in demo meetings.

You can find a list of frequently asked questions, such as logistics for launching Praktio training at the firm and pricing information. You can also learn about how law firms are using Praktio training.

None of this is intended to short circuit conversation or demo meetings with Praktio. Please contact us with whatever questions or ideas you have or to schedule a call (and no pressure to review the FAQs beforehand!). But hopefully the Law Firm PD portal will prove to be a useful resource for law firm PD departments looking to learn more about how Praktio training can augment their firm's offerings.

Of course, we plan to continue to add additional resources to the portal as useful over time. Feel free to suggest that we add anything, using the comments below or by contacting us.


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