New Proto Course: Contracting Essentials For Entrepreneurs

New Proto Course: Contracting Essentials For Entrepreneurs

October 17, 2018

We're happy to add to our prototype collection another prototype course: Contracting Essentials for Entrepreneurs.

As with all Proto courses, Contracting Essentials is currently free, incomplete, and experimental—and, we think, in its current state already quite good and useful (which is supported by a bunch of feedback we've already received). In the case of this course, we're exploring and testing not just a specific content focus but also a different use case and user type. We could imagine this being useful from the point of view of lawyers who want to help their clients to engage more effectively with documents and deals—and with the lawyers working on them. But our target user here (at least initially but perhaps feedback will widen or move our gaze) is not lawyers but small business owners and early-stage startup founders.

This course has a couple goals:

  • empower small business owners to work better with contracts (this might feel scary (especially to us attorney types) but if folks are going to self-help anyway, we might as well help them to do it better):
    • to better understand the contracting process
    • to review and revise a contract strategically given their business goals
    • to draft a contract, using available resources (like forms and contracts from other deals) smartly
  • equip small business owners to work better with attorneys on contract matters:
    • to use the attorney's time as efficiently as possible
    • to use the business owner's time as efficiently as possible
    • to be clear on roles and expectations

We look forward to receiving feedback from all sorts of folks, including (hopefully) founders and the attorneys and other professionals who often work with them.


P.S. As a reminder, Praktio Proto is our attempt to prototype in public—to invite the world into our design process, to learn and improve as early as possible by welcoming feedback before heavy production.

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