Introducing "Praktio Powered"

November 13, 2018

As we continue to invest in Praktio's digital production capabilities for more powerfully producing Praktio training offerings, we're also unlocking a couple super powers:

  • customization; and
  • collaboration.


We're building out a library of "learning activity" templates, such as:

  • an exercise where the learner must click a correct location in a text excerpt (e.g., from a contract);
  • a conversation where the learner chooses how to respond to a character through a decision-tree script; and
  • a guided tour of a document that explains its contents with audio voice over and synced text annotations.

We're using these learning activities to build out our training, such as:

But it occurs to us, the easier we're making it for us to digitally produce great training offerings for Praktio's collection of products, the easier we're making it for us to do the same for custom training made special for an organization's particular use and needs.


To expand into training areas outside my core expertise (for example, Precision Training for Litigators!), Praktio needs to collaborate with other subject matter experts. The same authoring tools that we're building to increase Praktio's capacity to digitally produce its own training and to create custom training also make it more realistic and feasible to collaborate with other experts to incorporate their subject matter expertise into powerful, interactive, digital training. We know this because we've already started doing it, and we hope to do a whole bunch more.

* * *

To learn more about our ever-growing "learning activities" which can be used for creating custom training for your organization or for collaborating with you to create new Praktio products, check out Praktio Powered. And, as always, don't be shy about contacting us if this inspires any reactions or interest.


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