Roadmap Updates - Part 2

Roadmap Updates - Part 2

August 20, 2018

Continuing with Roadmap Updates, this post focuses on what we're likely turning our attention to next, after the products we're currently working on. Part of the reason for this transparency and these updates is to encourage you to yell at us (or email us calmly—we're really not that picky). We want all our product development to be market driven. You get products from us that solve real needs in useful ways; we get to spend our time and resources building things that people want and—importantly—will pay for.

So, here's what we're likely to be turning our product development attention to next:

Precision Training-Transactional (PT-T)

  • Why are we making it? As you know (from our first update post), we're actively working on getting PT-Lit ready for this upcoming fall. And, as part of that effort, we're building enhanced adaptive/reinforcing learning features into our authoring platform. This will have an additional third bucket of exercise content. After PT-Lit is ready, we think it makes sense to rebuild our original Precision Training course in our latest authoring tool to bring it in line content- and feature-wise with PT-Lit. 
    • What is it? An updated version of our original Precision Training course (with the additional layer of content and added features described above), which teaches attention to detail through games that ask the learner to click an error (e.g., missing punctuation, broken section references) in the context of contract documents.

    Contract Fundamentals 2.0 (CF 2.0)

    • Why are we making it? We want to bring our flagship substantive course onto our new platform, along with a bunch of feature enhancements many users have requested over the years. We also want to enhance our ability to nimbly respond to new feature requests (which bringing this onto our authoring platform should afford us) and to build new (and potentially custom) training on the model of this course and using the learning activities we'll build for this coursefor example:
      • an annotated document explainer (everyone should have the experience of a trusted mentor walking them through new documents or complex provisions)
      • precedent provision picker (reviewing different provision options from precedent documents to choose the best one for addressing a stakeholder's communicated goals). 
    • What is itContract Fundamentals teaches a comprehensive, practical framework for understanding any contract. It teaches the structure and building-block provisions of contract documents through a guided walkthrough and practical interactive exercises. CF 2.0 will include a number of feature enhancements, including enhanced video player features and a more modern, intuitive interface.

      Any of that inspire any thoughts or reactions? Let us know in the comments below or by contacting us.


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