Roadmap Updates - Part 3

Roadmap Updates - Part 3

September 04, 2018

This is Part 3 of our three-part series on Roadmap Updates (see Part 2 (on what we're likely turning to next) and Part 1 (on what we're currently working on)).

For this post, we're touching on what's further down the horizon—concepts and early ideas. Compared to the ideas and products we've previewed in Parts 1 and 2, the thoughts in this post are, of course, the least developed and the most subject to change. We raise these now for any thoughts or other reactions this post causes you to be willing to share with us. Feel free to shoot us those reactions directly or in the comments below.

So, here's what we're considering adding to our product roadmap for the future:

Precision Training Weeklies

  • Why would we make it? This is an idea that users have suggested periodically over the past few years. The "muscle-memory" skills built through drilling on Precision Training exercises require ongoing maintenance to avoid atrophy.
  • Why shouldn't we make it? Do our users find sufficient practice opportunities in their everyday work to maintain these skills? Would they be willing to break from the press of business to spend 10 minutes a week on 5-10 quick drill exercises?


  • What would it be? This could take a few different forms:
    • At its simplest, we already do this by providing certifications/confirmation emails indicating course completion.
    • Shareable Badges - We could signal certification with some kind of graphic/badge that's easy to share (e.g., on social media).
    • Test - We could offer a test for each course that requires a certain score to achieve certification.
  • Why would we make it? This is another idea that users, customers, and lots of other people mention to us a lot. A certification could become a valuable signal for people to be able to communicate to their market (e.g., contract manager, solo lawyers, prospective lawyers/new hires, retooling/transitioning lawyers).
  • Why shouldn't we make it? A couple thoughts/concerns:
    • Certifications might or might not matter to other people. It might take a long time for them to achieve meaning in a marketplace.
    • Additionally, so far we've avoided thinking about Praktio products as testing or evaluating (i.e., "summative assessment") tools, focusing instead on creating a space for people to learn through practice, making mistakes (thus the tag line), receiving feedback, and applying those lessons to the next one (i.e., "formative assessment"). We've started with that focus because we saw it as serving a missing and important piece of many law school classrooms and professional workplaces. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't do both.

Running Useful Redlines

  • What would it be? We built a Proto course on this as an early prototype, which we described in another blog post. In short, this is a quick-hitting, specific course teaching learners how to run redlines usefully. This could be a model for other short, specific courses on particular tasks.
  • Why would we make it? This grew out of common confusions I experienced with my second- and third-year Michigan Law clinic students and explanations I put together that alleviated them.
  • Why shouldn't we make it? We think we should based on feedback on the Proto course so far, but we're open to other thoughts! 

Confidentiality Agreements

  • What would it be? We also built a Proto course on this as an early prototype, which we also described in a blog post. This course walks through the elements and key considerations of confidentiality agreements.
  • Why would we make it? A few Praktio customers have suggested this, since confidentiality agreements are so widely encountered.
  • Why shouldn't we make it? As with Redlines, we think it makes sense to produce this course, but we'd like a bit more feedback to make sure and inform our development of a fully produced course. 

We'd love your thoughts and reactions to these concepts for the future—contact us or leave a comment below. This will inform our development map and priorities over the next several months.


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