Roadmap Updates - Part 1

Roadmap Updates - Part 1

August 09, 2018

In the spirit of Prototyping in Public, we've decided to share some updates on what we're up to (this post—Part 1), what we're likely turning our attention to next (next post—Part 2), and what concepts we're kicking around for potential future development (final post—Part 3).

So we're excited to share with you what we're working on now and expect to have available next:

Precision Training-Litigation (PT-Lit)

  • Why are we making it? We interviewed our clients this spring and learned a bunch, including that many found Precision Training to be uniquely useful. (They loved Contract Fundamentals too, but several independently mentioned that they just had no other way to teach the attention-to-detail skills that firms demand and that Precision Training teaches.) Several independently requested that we make Praktio training for litigators and, in particular, a version of Precision Training that used excerpts from litigation documents instead of contracts for the nit-finding exercises.
    • What is it? On the model of our original Precision Training course, PT-Lit teaches attention to detail through games that ask the learner to click an error (e.g., missing punctuation or noncompliance with local formatting rules) in the context of litigation documents (like pleadings, motions, interrogatories).
      • What's the status? The content is ready. This will be the first course produced in Praktio's proprietary authoring tool (in development). We're targeting fall 2018 for the release of PT-Lit.
        Contracting Essentials for Entrepreneurs (working title)
          • Why are we making it? Since Praktio's inception four years ago, we've consistently heard from small-business owners, startup founders, and those who work with them that they'd love practical contracting training made especially with entrepreneurs and small-business owners in mind. We've partnered with an exciting website for bringing this course to entrepreneurs once it's ready.
            • What is it? A practical, interactive set of modules and take-away resources that answer commonly encountered questions like:
              • "Should I sign this contract?"
              • "Do I need a written contract?"
              • "How do I review a contract?"
              • "How do I draft and revise a contract?"
              • "How do I negotiate a contract?"
              • What's the status? The content is in development. We've decided to test drive the training in person with entrepreneurs through local workshops (see our Events page for upcoming workshops).

              Anything above pique your interest or raise any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments or by contacting us.


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