So, you think you know your Contract Fundamentals?

So, you think you know your Contract Fundamentals?

June 04, 2018

In my experience, lawyers of all vintages have a hard time with "I don't know." From conversations with other purveyors of lawyer-training programs, I've learned of workshops marketed as "advanced" being better attended than the same workshops marketed as "basic." From supervising attorneys-in-training, I've witnessed firsthand how challenging it can be to say "I don't know" to a client or supervisor (even when that is the true and best available answer).

So, it's not terribly surprising when I sometimes hear on first blush that Praktio's Contract Fundamentals ("CF") course is "too basic" for certain folks at certain firms.

But here's the thing: CF is a super concentrated, comprehensive course packed with the substantive, practical content I've used for (highly rated, well-attended) webinars I've given to audiences comprising senior partners and in-house attorneys. It contains lessons and insights that have landed with surprise and appreciation with senior, in-house attorneys at Fortune 500 clients. CF is designed for anyone to take (including young attorneys who have never seen a contract before), and so starts off very basic as an onramp. But it quickly gets into the practical nuances of indemnity, limitations of liability, reps and warranties, IP provisions, and so on.

So, here's the test . . . literally, here's a test. Take it. And find out: Do you know your Contract Fundamentals?

If you do, congratulations! Rock on. If you don't, consider if taking an efficient, comprehensive course (whether as a primer or as a refresher) might be a worthwhile use of your time—we can even call it "advanced," if that helps.


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