Stay Sharp with Precision Training Weekly

Stay Sharp with Precision Training Weekly

February 12, 2019

With the swell of interest among law firms for our Precision Training products, we're exploring offering different versions and methods for building, improving, and staying sharp with attention-to-detail skills.

We recently announced the new rebuild of the original Precision Training as Precision Training: Transactional Edition, including a new diagnostic summary report feature in our Precision Training courses.

Now, we're offering a new Precision Training course that responds to a particular idea that's been percolating over the years: a version of Precision Training that delivers a small batch of exercises to the learner on some cadence. 

We're not sure what the right cadence is (and maybe it's different for different use cases), but we're starting off with weekly (feedback on that would be quite welcomed!).

We're not sure how many batches is the right number. Or, thought of another way, we're not sure for what period of time users should receive a subscription to these weekly exercises. So, we're starting with a month (four weeks), and we can always expand that if folks want more (or offer additional subscription options for those folks who want more).

And, hey, we're not completely sure if folks want an ongoing subscription to Precision Training at all (although clients have asked for it)—so we're starting with doing it for just transactional, and, if you ask for it, we'll make it for the litigation side too.

All of that is a long wind-up to introducing: Precision Training Weekly: Transactional Edition (PT-Weekly). Five exercise sets (five primary, 10 potential reinforcing, exercises) delivered by email each week, for four weeks.

We're imagining that users will complete Precision Training: Transactional Edition first and then take PT Weekly for ongoing, follow-on training to retain and refine this skill.

To try out that approach, here's a special promotion for the time being: any law firm or other organization that purchases seats for Precision Training: Transactional Edition will receive an equal number of seats for Precision Training Weekly: Transactional Edition for free. Contact Us to discuss how best to roll that out for your organization.

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