Precision Training: Litigation Edition

"I took a look at this product, and it’s great!"
Ross Guberman, President of Legal Writing Pro
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Description: By popular demand, this is a version of Praktio's Precision Training designed for those involved in preparing or reviewing litigation documents. Instead of using excerpts from contracts, Precision Training: Litigation Edition (PT-Lit) uses excerpts from litigation documents (such as pleadings, motion papers, interrogatories, requests for admissions, requests for production, and correspondence).

As with the original Precision Training, PT-Lit provides substantial opportunity to build intuitive "eagle-eye" awareness for common errors. If you make a mistake, not to worry. You'll get immediate feedback and unlock additional opportunities to practice the same type of exercise (a few exercises later and again before finishing the course). Praktio's strength is that it teaches to your weaknesses.

Through a series of exercises, PT-Lit provides ample opportunity for iterative learning and skill "muscle building," while also allowing you to save your progress and return later to do additional work. A perfect tool for junior litigation attorneys to ramp up their attention to detail, while also becoming more familiar with litigation document conventions, PT-Lit also provides even veteran lawyers an opportunity to stay sharp on the finer details of producing high-quality documents.

  • Receive real-time feedback on your submissions, enabling you to quickly understand any mistakes made.
  • Reinforce learning moments by performing additional, targeted exercises (one a few exercises later and another at the end of the course) for every error missed.
  • Especially valuable for summer, junior, and incoming law-firm associates: Avoid "rookie" mistakes and unfavorable early impressions by calibrating your attention to detail and precision to the exacting levels expected by law-firm lawyers and clients.

Duration: You will have 1 year from the date of purchase to access and complete your online course materials.

Logistics: Following checkout, you will receive an email providing you with access to your online course materials.

Compatibility: Please use Chrome on a desktop/laptop for an optimal experience (not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer).

We Don't Share Your Scores! Praktio does not share your performance data (e.g., "scores") with anyone, including your employer (e.g., if you're an associate taking this training at a law firm). The only information shared with employers who purchase this training for their employees is progress data (e.g., how much of the course you have completed by when).

"Great module – definitely helps refine proofing / editing."

Dustin Knight, Associate, Cooley LLP

"I took a look at this product, and it’s great!"

Ross Guberman, President of Legal Writing Pro

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