How Do Firms Use Praktio?

A few examples are below, but we're always eager to explore new approaches too. Contact us to discuss! Contact Us

A number of leading law firms launch Praktio's Precision Training and Contract Fundamentals with first-year associates sometime during their first six months at the firm. This helps make sure that every lawyer starting at the firm—regardless of prior experience or education—has a strong foundation in practical contract knowledge and skills.

Following this first phase of online training, some firms will offer an live workshop that can assume a common baseline knowledge among the participants (because they all took the same online training) and build on it with the sort of work best done in person (such as discussing differences in approaches to drafting or ambiguities seen in language).

Increasingly, firms are offering a second phase of online training following Precision Training and Contract Fundamentals. This phase of online training gives junior deal attorneys an opportunity to practice doing deal work on a few different mock deals, using Praktio's realistic simulation game: DealSimulator: Analyzing Contracts. To keep the "attention-to-detail" muscles sharp and strong, this timing could also work nicely for Praktio's recently released weekly subscription version of Precision Training called Precision Weekly.

There's no inherent reason to wait to offer Praktio foundational training to your incoming attorneys. While they're doe-eyed, eager, and non-beleaguered, you can make sure they're exposed to the work and skills of transactional attorneys.

Praktio's Contract Fundamentals, Precision Training (including the weekly subscription version), and DealSimulator all present learners with realistic transactional tasks and teach them to better work with deal documents.

We'd recommend, at a minimum, offering Contract Fundamentals and Precision Training after your summer associates get settled in and making it due about 4 weeks after that launch date.

It can then work great to offer a live workshop on that deadline date to build on the online work.

Following this workshop, if your summer associates will have the time, you might offer DealSimulator, Precision Training Weekly, or both to give them ongoing practice to apply the knowledge and skills built in Contract Fundamentals, Precision Training, and the in-person workshop.

At Praktio, we love the anecdotes of a mid-level associate surprised at the acumen of a first-year. The mid-level will ask something like, "How do you know that?" And the first-year will credit the Praktio training they recently took. Then, we get an email from the firm asking for additional seats so that the mid-level associate and their peers can take the training too. No problem!

First, know that we're flexible, and we can always add licenses to your account on virtually a moment's notice. Someone newly joins your firm or newly discovers Praktio training and wants in, a quick email to us is all it takes to get them signed up in minutes.

But, also, consider: What if that mid-level didn't have that meeting with that first-year? Training is too important to leave up to the fates. Some firms will send out invitations widely for their attorneys to opt in to any of Praktio's courses. We can either provide you with a link and a code for each learner to access their selected training, or we can work with you to schedule launches with each next cohort of learners. (Find out more about logistics in the FAQs.)