Contract Fundamentals [Skadden Admin]

Contract Fundamentals [Skadden Admin]

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This is Praktio's foundational training in practical contract concepts and skills. Through learning the purpose of, key considerations regarding, and interaction between provisions found typically across contract documents, you will gain an arsenal of understanding to deploy when later reviewing, drafting, or negotiating any agreement.

In true-to-form Praktio fashion, you will learn not merely by reading or listening but by doing. Contract Fundamentals engages you in a sequence of exercises throughout each learning topic to help you better learn and retain--while learning how to use--the key concepts of the training. Work through the materials on your own time and at your own pace--you can always stop and save your progress and return to where you left off.

To give you a sense of the forest, Contract Fundamentals begins with a high-level treatment of contract structure generally. To help you master the trees, it then zooms into an interactive examination of each fundamental provision, using realistic contract examples. And, as a reinforcing capstone, the training ends with an examination of the structure of complex contract documents.

  • Learn foundational practical contract concepts and skills.
  • Receive a guided tour of realistic contract examples.
  • Reinforce lessons through interactive exercise, solving problems through contract drafting and analysis.
  • Contract Fundamentals is especially useful for novices, teaching the basic provisions, conventions, and language of contracts and preparing them to be more effective in--and learn much more quickly from--subsequent experiences working with contracts.
  • For veterans, Contract Fundamentals presents an opportunity to take stock of prior experiences and round out understanding of practical contract concepts and skills.
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