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This text—along with the companion Contract Fundamentals online course—presents an opportunity to develop an organizing framework for understanding provisions typically found and used in contracts. This includes understanding the structure of contractual documents, as well as the fundamental contract provisions typical of most any contract.
For each fundamental contract provision, this book discusses (1) the provision’s purpose and function, (2) key considerations for drafting and analyzing the provision, and (3) how the provision might interact with other provisions. This discussion mirrors the discussion throughout the Fundamental Provisions modules of the Contract Fundamentals online course, with additional detail and citations to references and resources.
To aid in this examination, we use a Supply Agreement for illustration. This Supply Agreement is excerpted in relevant part throughout this book, as well as in its entirety as an appendix at the end of this book. This Supply Agreement is identical to the Supply Agreement used throughout Praktio’s Contract Fundamentals course.
This book serves as a reference guide for the user who wishes to return to a particular topic discussed throughout the Contract Fundamentals course. This book also stands on its own for the reader who wishes to learn, or reinforce her understanding of, contract structure and provisions independent of the digital materials in Praktio's Contract Fundamentals course.

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