DealSimulator: Analyzing Contracts (for Teams)

Take interactive, context-rich online learning to new heights at your firm. With Praktio's first DealSimulator course, learners improve their ability to critically review contracts to produce actionable work product.

(Scroll down for a 1-minute intro video.)

Course Description: This is Praktio's first DealSimulator course, which takes context-rich, interactive learning to new heights. With this course, you will learn to review and analyze contracts practically in context.

First, you will learn the context: the facts of the deals you're working on and the goals of your client or supervisor.

Then, you will pick up some tips and tricks to help you better analyze any contract.

Finally, you will put it all together: delivering actionable work product reflecting your analysis of contracts from the deals you're working on in the context of those deals.

Watch this 1-minute video for a brief tour of this course.

Learning science has demonstrated the efficacy of simulation games:

Computer-Based Simulation Games Sitzmann (2011).

Examining 40 rigorously-designed scientific studies on computer-based simulation games, "the results revealed that, “trainees receiving instruction via a simulation game had higher levels of declarative knowledge (d = .28), procedural knowledge (d = .37), and retention (d = .22) than trainees in the comparison group. . . . Learning from simulation games was maximized when trainees actively rather than passively learned work-related competencies during game play, trainees could choose to play as many times as desired, and simulation games were embedded in an instructional program rather than serving as stand-alone instruction.”

Logistics Details

Number of Users: Choose the number of seat licenses to purchase (e.g., the number of team members who will be taking the course) in the "# of Seats" field.

Duration of Use: Users will have 1 year from redeeming their access code to complete the online course materials. (Law firms will often set a shorter deadline for users to complete the course, but Praktio recommends providing at least 4 weeks if users will be completing alongside other work.)

Access: Following checkout, Praktio will provide you with an access code and link to share with your organization's users. This code will allow users to redeem access credentials up to the purchased quantity. If you require additional users, simply Contact Us or purchase additional seats here.

Reporting: Please select if you'd like to receive user progress reports for your team, and, if so, how often (daily, weekly, monthly) you'd like to receive them.

Compatibility: Users should use Chrome set to allow Flash content for an optimal experience. Learners will need Microsoft Word to properly view, and answer questions about, some files in the course.

Creative Commons photo credit: NikTakesPictures

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