What is Praktio?


Founded by Michigan Law Professor Michael L. Bloom, Praktio is practical, interactive contracts training online.

Learning to draft, analyze, and negotiate contracts typically requires climbing a steep learning curve.

For the uninitiated, working with contracts means navigating strange looking documents in a seemingly foreign language.

Praktio aims to dampen that learning curve, by providing interactive games and exercises designed to help build comfort with contracts, while developing practical skills and knowledge.


"I really think the software is great. I can see it being valuable no matter who you are, but especially if you weren’t fortunate enough to have transactional offerings in law school. As I went through the segments, I kept coming across items I remember mid-level associates explaining as background. This software makes sure that not only are those lessons learned, but they are learned in a more efficient way. I would highly recommend this as a part of any law firm intake and orientation. It would definitely raise the knowledge-base for most incoming classes.

I really liked the small segment structure of the program. It really made the pieces digestible as opposed to something you have to do in one sitting. I had anticipated that it would be non-stop, so I was pleasantly surprised. It never felt like I was bogged down in a particular lesson."

Renard Miller, Mid-Level Associate at Latham & Watkins LLP



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Firms interested in making Praktio resources available to their lawyers should visit our For Law Firms page or contact Prof. Bloom at bloomich@praktio.com.