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Bring practical, interactive, self-paced contracts training to every procurement specialist at your organization. Schedule a Live Demo

Why Praktio?

  • Practical: Improve contracting skills through realistic exercises that transfer to real-world work.
  • Interactive: Drive learning, retention, and application through science-backed interactive learning.
  • Online & On-demand: Bring practical, powerful learning into the different schedules and workspaces across your procurement department, without expensive travel costs or time away from the office.

Praktio has helped us truly elevate our contracting capability. This course addresses core competencies for any procurement specialist. I would challenge any procurement specialist at any company to take the course and not learn something new.

If you want to hone your department's procurement skills, reduce reliance on legal and build contracting expertise, all while working with a team of cooperative, talented people who listen, tailor to your organisation's needs, and bring best-in-class outside knowledge, then Praktio is for you.”

Izzy Khan
Then Director of Strategy & Delivery, Corporate Services

Contracts for Procurement Professionals

With our hands-on contracts course, bring practical, interactive, self-paced contracts training to every procurement specialist at your organization.


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Built in collaboration with a Fortune Global 500 company

At Praktio, we believe the best way to learn is through realistic, practical, guided experiences that are engaging and chock full of feedback at every turn.

Michael Bloom

Founder & CEO

Hi, I'm Michael, and, before founding Praktio, I was a clinical professor at the University of Michigan Law School. In the clinic, I supervised students working on transactional matters for large, mature organizations around the world (e.g., Pepsi, Aon, NPR) and small, local organizations around the Law School.

In addition to practicing transactional law in a clinical setting, I practiced at Sidley Austin, with a focus on technology transactions and mergers and acquisitions. I'm also the co-author of two books on contracts from a transactional perspective: Contracts and Commercial Transactions and Contracts: A Transactional Approach, both published by Aspen. Before all that, I earned a J.D. from Yale Law School.

From working at a large firm and supervising students in legal clinics, I appreciate the importance of understanding the nuances of legal documents and the practical skills of reviewing, drafting, and negotiating them. That's why I created Praktio.

I also know what I don't know. I never worked as a procurement professional. That's why we collaborated directly with a Fortune Global 500 company and their global procurement department to develop contracts training fit for procurement's purpose.