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With our interactive, on-demand contracting course and hands-on negotiation workshops, business professionals can raise their contracting game.
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There is a huge void in the industry for training like this—something useful for business roles that is not too high level to be actionable and not too detailed to be overkill."

Heather Manning
General Counsel, Industrial & Retail Technologies
Marmon Holdings, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company

Created by commercial contracting experts

Marmon, a Berkshire Hathaway company, approached Praktio in search of a better way to improve the contracting skills of a wide variety of business roles, across a wide array of industries—from transportation, to retail solutions, to foodservice technologies.

Leveraging our unique combination of contracts expertise, teaching experience, and technology, Praktio built an interactive, self-paced course with the right level of useful coverage and detail. This course removes the obstacle and cost of traditional in-person training by shifting to an on-demand model that fits into each person's uniquely busy schedule.

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Commercial Contracts Essentials

Takes ~2 hours Bite-sized modules On-demand Access for 1 year
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