About Us

Praktio training is engaging and interactive, enabling users to learn practical contracts skills and knowledge through actively practicing them.

Through a series of games and repetitions that provide instant feedback and explanation, users efficiently build their facility and confidence—building their "muscles"—with the subject matter and skill set of each Praktio course.

As Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman notes in Thinking, Fast and Slow: "Whether professionals have a chance to develop intuitive expertise depends essentially on the quality and speed of feedback, as well as on sufficient opportunity to practice."

Praktio identifies the "learning moments" that naturally occur over several years of practice and experience and concentrates them into fun, engaging courses that give Praktio users a competitive edge.


For Law Firms

In "The Diamond Law Firm: A New Model or the Pyramid Unraveling?," Prof. Bill Henderson and Evan Parker-Stephen conclude: "Firms that want to get ahead of this change curve need to do two things. First, start hiring junior talent again. . . . Second, provide the type of training and mentoring that enables these lawyers to deliver superior value to clients."

With Praktio, firms are equipped to give junior attorneys the tools to build "intuitive expertise" much more quickly than with a traditional combination of on-the-job training and lectures over the course of several years. For seasoned attorneys, Praktio provides an opportunity to round out, refresh, and refine contract skills and knowledge. Praktio is intensive and engaged education that teaches lawyers and nonlawyers actionable, marketable skills and knowhow--now.

* * *

Praktio was founded by Michael Bloom, while he was a clinical professor at Michigan Law School. He wanted a way to get his clinical law students up to speed on the language of contracts more quickly and efficiently, so they could get going on their live-client legal work (which heavily involved contracts). Extending the language analogy, he took the model of other digital language learning tools and built something similarly powerful for learning the practical concepts and skills of reviewing and drafting contracts.

Prior to founding Praktio, Michael was the founding director of the Transactional Lab & Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School, where he worked with students on corporate and transactional matters for large, mature organizations around the world (e.g., Pepsi, Aon, NPR) and small, local organizations around the Law School. He was the 2018 Chair of the AALS Section on Technology, Law and Legal Education and the 2018 Chair Elect of the AALS Section on Teaching Methods.

Michael is the co-author of two books on transactional contracts: Contracts: A Transactional Approach and Contracts and Commercial Transactions (both published by Wolters Kluwer/Aspen). He is a regular contributor to Corporate Counsel, and a frequent speaker, on related topics.

Prior to joining Michigan, he was a co-founding director of the Corporate Lab at the University of Chicago Law School. In addition to his transactional practice in the clinical setting, Michael practiced at Sidley Austin LLP in Chicago, where he focused on technology transactions and mergers and acquisitions.

Michael earned his J.D. from Yale Law School and his B.A., with highest distinction, from the University of Michigan.