Contracts for Procurement Professionals

Learn the key components of a purchase agreement and how to navigate supplier edits.
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Supplier relationships are a critical aspect of any procurement function, and contracts are central to those relationships functioning well. A supplier contract, if constructed and understood well, can help create value, build connection and trust, and manage risk.

Training outcomes

  • Identify key provisions and sources of risk in purchase contracts.
  • Review supplier markups to identify the effect of each edit.
  • Navigate internal organizational protocols for how to respond to supplier edits.

Praktio has helped us truly elevate our contracting capability. This course addresses core competencies for any procurement specialist. I would challenge any procurement specialist at any company to take the course and not learn something new.

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Then Director of Strategy & Delivery, Corporate Services

Learn the structure and the details

This course is organized into 16 modules. An early module is to provide a sense of the topics covered and your present level of understanding and skill for each topic. At the end of the course, the final module will mirror these exercises, giving you feedback on your skill level for each topic after having gone through the prior training. This will help you understand which and what to focus on further improving in your work outside of the course.

Between those modules, you’ll learn and the overarching structure and approach of purchase agreements. From there, you’ll learn the essential types of provisions found in purchase agreements, reviewing what each provision is and does, common procurement pitfalls, points of confusion, practices related to that provision, and of that provision.

Learn by making mistakes in realistic, no-stakes exercises

Throughout this course's modules, we explore a sample purchase agreement, to As is always the case with Praktio courses, you'll learn not just through watching and listening to practical lessons and examples but also through doing —not to test you, but to give you opportunities to apply and practice, while receiving

In case you were wondering

  • Course Overview
  • Level Setting (Pre-test)
  • Contracts: What, Why & When
  • Legal & Commercial Terms
  • Intro Provisions: Preamble & Recitals
  • Definitions
  • Covenants
  • Representations & Warranties
  • IP Rights Provisions
  • Privacy Provisions
  • Indemnification
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Term & Termination
  • Assignment & Change of Control
  • Amending Agreement
  • Supplier Sends Its Revisions (Post-test)

Duration: You will have 1 year from the date of purchase to access and complete your online course materials. On average, it takes about 2 hours to complete the whole course; however, learners get to decide how much time to spend on each exercise and module.

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Compatibility: Please use Chrome on a PC or Mac computer.

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