The Fundamentals of Contracts

Takes ~4.5 hours Bite-sized modules On-demand Access for 1 year
Learn the practical concepts and skills needed to review, draft, or negotiate any agreement, with this interactive, on-demand course.
$299 per learner

Used by individuals at top companies and firms, including:

I have completed the Praktio courses and really loved them: I believe they significantly improved my contract drafting and reviewing skills.”

Edward Wang
Then Associate at Cooley

Develop a practical framework for working with any contract.

Contract Fundamentals teaches the practical concepts of contracts through an engaging sequence of exercises based on real-world scenarios. Work through the materials on your own time, at your own pace—improving your skills and confidence as you progress.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the building-block provisions, conventions, and language of contracts.
  • Develop practical contract skills, including drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts.
  • Become more effective—and learn much more quickly from—working with contracts.

Why Praktio e-learning?

We believe the best way to learn is through realistic, guided experiences that are engaging and chock full of feedback at every turn. Like all of our courses, Contract Fundamentals is:

  • Practical: Improve professional skills through realistic exercises that transfer to real-world work.
  • Interactive: Drive learning, retention, and application through science-backed interactive learning.
  • On-demand: Access powerful learning anytime, anywhere with self-paced, bite-sized training modules.
  • Basic Structure
  • Intro Provisions
    • Preamble
    • Recitals
  • Core Provisions
    • Covenants
    • Representations & Warranties
    • Conveyances
    • Licenses
  • General Provisions
    • Conditions
    • Definitions
    • Indemnification
    • Limitation of Liability
    • Stipulated Relief
    • Term & Termination
    • Integration
    • Assignment & Change of Control
    • Modification & Waiver
    • Dispute Resolution
  • Complex Structure