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Customizable Learning Activity:

"Click the Correct Text"

You can customize this learning activity in the following ways:

1 - Insert text from the documents your firm or group uses for the skill being taught. For example, the sample screenshot uses a realistic litigation document for teaching proofreading skills to litigators.

2 - Change the instruction prompt to fit the particular task/activity presented to the user. For example, in the sample screenshot, the user is instructed to click the "nit" and to reference a provided checklist for a list of "nits" to look for.

3 - Use our default character image or use photos of your own professionals (which react to learner performance on each exercise).

Additionally, you can customize:

1 - The explanation/feedback text for each exercise.

2 - The correct answer for each exercise (the region of the text where the learner is supposed to click).

Adaptive Learning—A Powerful Feature!

As the learner makes mistakes, the platform activates two reinforcing exercises of the same type (the first, a few exercises later and, the other, at the end of the course).

Create on-demand, self-paced training tailored to each learner based on their performance!

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