Precision Training Demo

Try the following demo of Precision Training.

Affectionately referred to by the Praktio Team as the "nit finding" game, Praktio's Precision Training provides you with substantial opportunity to build intuitive "eagle-eye" awareness for common errors in contracts.  Spot the error in each contract excerpt, and rack up points.  But if you fail to find the error, not to worry.  Praktio's strength is that it teaches to your weaknesses.  Make a mistake, and the Precision Training engine will immediately provide you with feedback that explains the error and, then, with another exercise to reinforce the lesson learned.

Through a series of exercises, Precision Training provides ample opportunity for iterative learning and skill "muscle building," while also allowing you to save your progress and return later to do additional work.  A perfect tool for junior transactional attorneys to ramp up their attention to detail, while also becoming more familiar with contract conventions, Precision Training also provides even veteran lawyers an opportunity to stay sharp on the finer details of producing high-quality documents.

  • Sharpen contract proofing and precision skills through successive, interactive exercise.
  • Receive real-time feedback on your submissions, enabling you to quickly understand any mistakes made.
  • Reinforce learning moments by immediately performing an additional, targeted exercise for every error missed.
  • Especially valuable for summer, junior, and incoming law-firm associates: Avoid "rookie" mistakes and unfavorable early impressions by calibrating your attention to detail and precision to the exacting levels expected by law-firm lawyers and clients.