Laptop showing a screenshot of an exercise from the Indemnification module of Praktio's Commercial Contracts Essentials course

Improving Contract Literacy: Praktio Launches On-demand Course for Marmon's Business Professionals

February 15, 2024

Praktio, a leader in contracts training for Am Law 200 law firms, launches new course, Commercial Contracts Essentials to serve global business roles for Marmon Holdings, Inc.


ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 2, 2024 - In a fast-paced business environment, understanding and managing contracts is a critical skill for business professionals across all roles and industries. Praktio's latest on-demand course, Commercial Contracts Essentials, empowers professionals with the acumen to confidently navigate commercial contracts.

Created in partnership with Marmon Holdings, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company, this interactive course is tailored for non-legal personnel, teaching foundational concepts and practical skills for handling contracts across a range of scenarios. For Marmon, it's important to have business colleagues vested in the contracting process—equipped with a sufficient understanding of contracts to appreciate the impact of edits, communicate effectively with legal counsel, and make informed decisions on business risk.

"We wanted a solution for delivering consistent training across our large family of companies. There is a huge void in the industry for training like this—something useful for business roles that is not too high level to be actionable and not too detailed to be overkill. We were very excited to partner with Praktio to create something just right."

Heather Manning
General Counsel, Industrial & Retail Technologies, Marmon Holdings, Inc.

Contract skills for every professional

Commercial Contracts Essentials is designed to benefit anyone interested in strengthening their contracting knowledge and skills, and Marmon has made the course initially available to 900+ professionals across 11 industry groups, including roles ranging from contract managers to sales reps to HR leads. The interactive course removes the obstacle and cost of traditional in-person training by shifting to an on-demand model that fits into each person's uniquely busy schedule.

"We've received an overwhelmingly positive response to the course. Our business units see the value in the training, and they like the option to take it at their own pace. Many are also excited to have it as a resource they can go back and refer to even after completing the course."

Michele Wilk
Contracts Counsel, Marmon Holdings, Inc.

Training backed by learning science

As with all of Praktio's on-demand courses, Commercial Contracts Essentials employs science-backed, interactive learning techniques. Realistic exercises give learners an opportunity to work with mock contracts, while receiving immediate feedback on their work. They're able to practice applying knowledge through realistic scenarios, giving them the skills and confidence to:

  • identify common clauses;
  • navigate frequent points of confusion;
  • avoid common mistakes; and
  • communicate effectively with Legal. 
Laptop showing a screenshot of an exercise from the Indemnification module of Praktio's Commercial Contracts Essentials course

Interactive exercises give Praktio's learners the chance to practice critical skills and receive immediate feedback on their work.

At the end of each exercise, learners receive feedback detailing why their choices were or were not correct. This allows them to see firsthand the common mistakes made when working with contracts, as well as the reasons those mistakes should be avoided. By walking through these exercises with that feedback, learners are better prepared to approach real-world contracts with confidence.

An established history of contracts training

Praktio previously designed Contracts for Procurement Professionals with Fortune Global 500 Company, GlaxoSmithKline. The course for Marmon follows a similar structure—covering key provisions and common points of confusion around contracts—with lessons applicable to any commercial contract regardless of whether learners find themselves on the buy or sell side of the deal.

"Our focus has been to create immersive online training to help our clients level up their contracts dexterity," said Michael Bloom, Founder & CEO of Praktio. "We are very excited to release this new course aimed specifically at business professionals who work with contracts."

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About Praktio

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