Precision Training: Transactional

Increase attention to detail with this contracts-based proofreading game.
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Affectionately referred to by the Praktio Team as the "nit finding" game, Praktio's Precision Training: Transactional provides substantial opportunity to build intuitive "eagle-eye" awareness for common errors in contracts.

Training outcomes

  • Increase awareness of issues you might overlook in documents, with immediate feedback on every exercise.
  • Build muscle memory for identifying common proofreading errors, with adaptive reinforcing exercises (one a few exercises later and another at the end of the course).
  • Especially valuable for summer, junior, and incoming law firm associates: Avoid "rookie" mistakes and unfavorable early impressions by calibrating your attention to detail and precision to the exacting levels expected by law firm lawyers and clients.

Great module—definitely helps refine proofing and editing."

Dustin Knight
Associate at Cooley LLP


Learn the pitfalls & best practices for avoiding them

You'll start off Precision Training with a to use when proofreading in the course and in real life. Then, you'll work through a for building your "eagle-eye" muscles and attention to detail.

Learn by making mistakes in realistic, no-stakes exercises

Precision Training teaches you through your mistakes. If you make a mistake, not to worry. You'll get and unlock additional opportunities to practice the same type of exercise (a few exercises later and again before finishing the course). As with all Praktio courses, you can stop, start, and save your progress as you go.

In case you were wondering

"Great module—definitely helps refine proofing and editing."

Dustin Knight
Associate at Cooley LLP

"I particularly liked the Praktio online module focused on close reading for edits (the one where you pick out the 'nits') because it centered around minute errors that may often get overlooked. These types of details are hard to catch when you’ve spent a lot of time looking at the same document, and I believe the only way to get better at this type of editing is to practice. If practice is the only way to get better at editing for fine details, I would definitely rather make mistakes in training exercises as opposed to real assignments later down the line. For this reason, I found the exercise very useful."

Then First-Year Associate at "Am Law 100" Law Firm

"Precision Training made me feel a lot more comfortable about getting started with real client work."

Paralegal at Atrium LLP

"As I had no experiences finding mistakes in contracts written in English, this course seems new to me and was interesting."

Akinori K.
Then First-Year Associate at Japanese "Big Four" Law Firm

CLE: Currently available for CLE as follows: IL - 0.5; NY - 0.5. The content of this course was authored by Praktio's founder, Michael Bloom, an attorney currently in good standing and licensed in Michigan.

Duration: You will have 1 year from the date of purchase to access and complete your online course materials.

Accessing: Following checkout, you will receive an email providing you with access to your online course materials. On average, it takes about 90 minutes to complete the whole course; however, this will vary from learner to learner.

Compatibility: Please use Chrome on a PC or Mac computer.

Reference Materials: As part of this purchase, you will also receive a Proofreading Checklist, a tool for you to use for proofreading legal documents.

We Don't Share Your Scores! Praktio does not share user performance data (e.g., "scores") with anyone, including employers (e.g., if you're an associate taking this training at a law firm). The only information shared with employers who purchase this training for their employees is progress data (e.g., how much of the course you have completed by when).