Signature Pages

Learn how to create, collect, and coordinate signature pages.
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Signature pages are an essential component of any agreement and typically fall to the junior associate on a deal to coordinate. Juniors are often tasked with creating, collecting, and compiling signature pages for the myriad of documents needed for the signing or closing of a deal—all while coordinating with their counterparts on the other side to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. For those new to deal work, managing signature pages can feel like an overwhelming morass, with lessons often learned the hard way later in the deal timeline. This course pulls back the fog, showing how signature pages fit into a larger deal and how junior associates can implement best practices to avoid delay and frustration.

Training outcomes

  • Learn to draft complete and accurate signature pages that align with their corresponding documents (even as those documents inevitably change before the signing or closing date).
  • Learn to assemble signature page packets and cover notes that minimize the potential for signatory confusion or mistakes.
  • Learn to plan and coordinate a process for executing and exchanging signature pages that avoids delaying a signing or closing due to signature page mishaps or misaligned expectations.

Facilitate a smooth execution of deal documents, for all involved

We begin this course by introducing From there, we work through how to , including common mistakes and best practices. Lastly, we explore

Learn by making mistakes in realistic, no-stakes exercises

As is always the case with Praktio courses, learners learn not just through watching and listening to practical lessons and examples but also through doing —not to test, but to provide opportunities to apply and practice, while receiving

In case you were wondering

  • Overview
    • Introducing Signature Pages
    • Deal Structure & Signature Pages
    • Overview of Signature Page Process
    • Coordinating with Opposing Counsel
  • Creating Pages & Packets
    • Creating Signature Pages
    • Creating Signature Pages: Special Considerations
    • Assembling Signature Packets
  • Execution Process
    • Requesting Execution of Signature Pages: How
    • Requesting Execution of Signature Pages: When
    • Confirming Proper Execution
    • Sharing Executed Signature Pages
    • Compiling Signature Pages into Agreements
    • Releasing Signature Pages

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