Confidentiality Agreements

Learn the key components, best practices, and pitfalls of confidentiality agreements.
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Confidentiality agreements are one of the most ubiquitous agreements out there. They are encountered by virtually every economic participant—investors, entrepreneurs, employers, freelancers, and attorneys advising any of those folks are all likely to encounter confidentiality agreements. Regardless of how confidentiality agreements are relevant to you, there's a good chance they're relevant to you. This course will help you to understand, and work with, them better.

Training outcomes

  • Learn the structure and organization of confidentiality agreements.
  • Learn to spot issues, and revise language to fix them, in confidentiality agreements.
  • Learn to draft and revise confidentiality agreements within the structure of templates and existing drafts.

This course was an incredibly helpful (and concise!) way to deepen my understanding and improve my comfort with confidentiality agreements. Like other Praktio courses, this course focuses on the structure of the agreement, which is immensely helpful in drafting agreements. The course also guides you through the practical, common issues that arise and things to watch out for when negotiating and signing these agreements."

Christopher Chou
In-house Counsel

Learn the structure and the details

We begin this course by exploring the star of the show: We then move to the key components of the agreement about that information: From there, we further explore the nuances and negotiation around those obligations: We then explore you're likely to see (and want to include or avoid) in confidentiality agreements. Lastly, we conclude with some

Learn by making mistakes in realistic, no-stakes exercises

Throughout this course's modules, we explore a sample confidentiality agreement template, to As is always the case with Praktio courses, you'll learn not just through watching and listening to practical lessons and examples but also through doing —not to test you, but to give you opportunities to apply and practice, while receiving

In case you were wondering

  • Scope of Information
  • Confidentiality Obligations
  • Exceptions to Confidentiality Obligations
  • Additional Provisions
  • Tips & Takeaways

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