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Description: This is Praktio's foundational training in practical contract concepts and skills. Through learning the purpose of, key considerations regarding, and interaction between provisions found typically across contract documents, you will gain an arsenal of understanding to deploy when later reviewing, drafting, or negotiating any agreement.

In true-to-form Praktio fashion, you will learn not merely by reading or listening but by doing. Contract Fundamentals engages you in a sequence of exercises throughout each learning topic to help you better learn and retain—while learning how to use—the key concepts of the training. Work through the materials on your own time and at your own pace—you can always stop and save your progress and return to where you left off.

To give you a sense of the forest, Contract Fundamentals begins with a high-level treatment of contract structure generally. To help you master the trees, it then zooms into an interactive examination of each fundamental provision, using realistic contract examples. And, as a reinforcing capstone, the training ends with an examination of the structure of complex contract documents.

  • Learn foundational practical contract concepts and skills.
  • Receive a guided tour of realistic contract examples.
  • Reinforce lessons through interactive exercise, solving problems through contract drafting and analysis.
  • Contract Fundamentals teaches the core provisions, conventions, and language of contracts and prepares you to be more effective in—and learn much more quickly from—subsequent experiences working with contracts.

Watch the following 4-minute video for a brief tour of this course.


CLE: Currently available for CLE as follows: CA - 2.5; IL - 2.5; MN - 2.0; NC - 2.5; NY - 3.0; VA - 2.5. The content of this course was authored by Praktio's founder, Michael Bloom, an attorney currently in good standing and licensed in Michigan.

Duration: You will have 1 year from the date of purchase to access and complete your online course materials.

Logistics: Following checkout, you will receive an email providing you with access to your online course materials.

Compatibility: Please use Chrome for an optimal experience.

Reference Materials: As part of this purchase, you will also receive the Contract Fundamentals E-Book (which you may download or print for your use and later reference).

We Don't Share Your Scores! Praktio does not share your performance data (e.g., "scores") with anyone, including your employer (e.g., if you're an associate taking this training at a law firm). The only information shared with employers who purchase this training for their employees is progress data (e.g., how much of the course you have completed by when).

"Thank you for putting this program together! As a newly arrived associate, I found it very helpful for getting a bigger picture view of how things work in the deals I’m on."

Rebecca Green, Associate at Cleary Gottlieb

"I really think the software is great. I can see it being valuable no matter who you are, but especially if you weren’t fortunate enough to have transactional offerings in law school. As I went through the segments, I kept coming across items I remember mid-level associates explaining as background. This software makes sure that not only are those lessons learned, but they are learned in a more efficient way. I would highly recommend this as a part of any law firm intake and orientation. It would definitely raise the knowledge-base for most incoming classes.
I really liked the small segment structure of the program. It really made the pieces digestible as opposed to something you have to do in one sitting. I had anticipated that it would be non-stop, so I was pleasantly surprised. It never felt like I was bogged down in a particular lesson."

Renard Miller, Mid-Level Associate at Latham & Watkins LLP

"Contract Fundamentals is a very good teaching presentation of the different parts of a typical contract. These modules are an excellent resource for a contract drafting course and for training first-year associates. I think it is assumed that a lawyer with a few years experience will already know this stuff (though, a refresher never hurts). While the last module specifically addresses a business acquisition agreement and the example primarily used throughout the modules is a supply agreement, much of the substance is applicable to any business contract.”

Norman Alpert, Counsel at Friedman Kaplan Seiler & Adelman LLP

"I really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful!"

Derek S., "Am Law 100" Law Firm First-Year Associate

"I appreciated this course, given that it has been over a year and a half since I took 1L Contracts. This course is especially important for those that have not dealt with actual contracts and agreements before (i.e. only litigation experience). This anatomy of a contract was incredibly helpful."

Kevin A., "Am Law 100" Law Firm Summer Associate

"Overall I liked the course a lot, just would have appreciated it more 6 months ago."

Lindsey L., "Am Law 100" Law Firm First-Year Associate

"I'm really satisfied with this course."

Hajime T., Japanese "Big Four" Law Firm Mid-Level Associate

Creative Commons photo credit: 3d Cubic Blocks by FutUndBeidl

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