Writing Useful Emails

Learn how to use email to communicate clearly and get work done professionally.
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Most of us are familiar with writing emails to friends and family, but writing emails in a professional setting is a different beast. Emails are a staple of law firm communication. On any given day, the inboxes of clients, partners, and associates are likely bursting at the seams with email. Against this backdrop, this course teaches how to determine when email is the right way to communicate and how to craft those emails to be as useful as possible for the recipient. Beyond the email horror stories to avoid, this course teaches the best practices that make for productive emailing.

Training outcomes

  • Learn to write emails that are easy for the recipient to parse and act on.
  • Learn to avoid common emailing pitfalls.
  • Learn what extra steps to take before and after emailing to make sure items don't fall through the cracks.
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Every email attorneys send acts as a writing sample to their colleagues and clients, and plays a vital role in building each attorney's professional reputation. Making a small time investment early in one's career to think actively about how to optimize email pays enormous dividends over the course of a legal career."

Ed Lintz
Legal Writing Trainer and Coach
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Writing useful emails begins with considering how to communicate most usefully for your audience

We begin this course by Then, the learner will learn From there, the learner will learn to

Learn by making mistakes in realistic, no-stakes exercises

As is always the case with Praktio courses, learners learn not just through watching and listening to practical lessons and examples but also through doing —not to test, but to provide opportunities to apply and practice, while receiving

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  • Before the Body of the Email
    • Is Email the Best Mode?
    • Is There an Existing Thread?
    • Include the Right People
    • Careful with Predictive Software
    • Careful with BCC
    • Subject Lines
    • CAUTION! with IMPORTANT! Tags
  • The Body of the Email
    • General Structure
    • Provide Relevant Context
    • Maximize Scannability
    • What's the Ask?
    • When Responding, Be Fully Responsive
    • Before Sending, Is It Ripe?
    • Keep It Professional
    • Take the Extra Step
    • After Sending

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